Title V Air Permits

Title V Air Permits are part of the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) Clean Air Act (CAA) program designed to standardize air quality permits and the permitting process for major sources of emissions across the United States.

Title V of the CAA requires ‘major sources’ of air pollutants, and certain other sources, to obtain and operate in compliance with a Title V Operating Permit. Generally, the first step in determining if a facility is a Major Source is to determine the Potential-to-Emit (PTE) from all operations. The PTE demonstrates the maximum air pollutants, including Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs), a facility may emit. The facility PTE should then be compared to the following “major source) thresholds.

The following are the general criteria for “major source thresholds”:

• A major source has actual or potential emissions at or above the major source threshold for any “air pollutant.”

• The major source threshold for any air pollutant is 100 tons/year (this is the “default value”).

• Major source thresholds for “hazardous air pollutants” (HAP) are 10 tons/year for a single HAP or 25 tons/year for any combination of HAP.

• Lower thresholds apply in non-attainment areas (but only for the pollutant that are in non-attainment)

[Note: A “non-attainment” area is an area considered to have air quality worse than the National Ambient Air Quality Standards as defined in the CAA Amendments of 1970. Non-attainment areas must have and implement a plan to meet the standard, or risk losing some forms of federal financial assistance. An area may be a non-attainment area for one pollutant and an "attainment area" for others.]

Each USEPA Regional Office is responsible for permitting part 71 sources located in their Region. These USEPA regional offices issue comprehensive operating permits to facilities that emit significant amounts of HAPs. For information Title V permitting where your facility is located, refer to the information found at the following link:


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